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   David and Stacy Wilde aka WildeWest have been the sonic force behind Films, TV Shows, Trailers, Ad Campaigns, and Recording Artists since they began creating music together. As Multi-Platinum, Grammy Nominated and award-winning composers and music producers they bring a deep history and extensive knowledge of their craft with the passion and energy to create amazing music. Their modern edgy sound and genre fluidity can be heard on countless shows like "I'm In The  Band", "Dog With A Blog", "Life Of Ryan", Trailers like "The Help" and "Lie To Me" and 100's of Ad Campaigns. Their client list in TV/Film includes Dreamworks, Disney, Lionsgate, Fox, CBS, FX, MTV to Ad Brands  Maybelline, Loreal, Revlon, Avon, and Quello. Their latest work with young independent filmmakers showcases their dramatic chops. It’s an understatement to say they have a big wheelhouse. WildeWest is dedicated to composing the perfect score for each and every project they embrace.

David Wilde (Composer|Songwriter|Producer|Arranger) 

   David majored in Jazz Studies and Classical Piano at William Patterson College with mentors Rufus Reid, Dave Samuels and Barry Harris, graduating with a BM degree in Jazz Studies Cum Laude and awarded most valuable Jazz Musician of his graduating class. David quickly landed major touring gigs with Blood, Sweat & Tears, CS&N, Fleetwood Mac, The Kinks and Latin star Louis Perico Ortiz. 

  After touring the world David built Marion Recording Studio to compose and produce records and gained a reputation as one of the best young record producers around. As a multi-instrumentalist and programmer David established a unique ability to solely compose entire tracks and soundscapes from inception to completion. Tom Silverman of Tommy Boy Records sought out David to develop a new act called Naughty By Nature. 

  David wrote, played, programmed and produced the record with NBN in his home-built studio in New Jersey creating an anthem of the hip hop generation. Naughty By Nature's self-titled debut with their hit song "OPP" would go on to sell over 3 million copies, the next NBN hit soon followed with "Hip Hop Hooray”. Many hits after from Zhane's "Hey Mr. DJ", Queen Latifah's "Nature of a Sista", Kool & The Gang's "Never Give Up", Michael & Janet Jackson's "Scream" re-mix, Theory Of A Deadman's "Bad Girlfriend" re-mix, records by Hall & Oates “Marigold Sky", Daryl Hall  "Can't Stop Dreaming" Coolio, Taylor Dayne, Patty Smyth & Scandal along with 100's of indie artists. 


Stacy Wilde (Composer|Songwriter|Singer)

  Stacy studied piano and guitar and started writing and performing her own songs in high school. While in college she formed her own band and began playing clubs up and down the east coast. In pursuing a record deal she needed a great demo and after hearing many artist's demos produced by David, she knew he'd be the perfect collaborator.  Their first song at that first session together would become a single for Kool & The Gang.  “Never Give Up” would lead to many more song cuts. Concurrently they began working on Stacy’s debut rock record “Tear Down The Sky”. The strength of that record led to Stacy being signed to EMI Music Publishing and Atlantic Records with Dave attached as co-writer producer.  Stacy landed tours as the opening act for legendary bands The Kinks, Crosby Stills & Nash and Fleetwood Mac.

   After a major shakeup at the label, Stacy's Atlantic record debut was left unreleased. Music Supervisors would play a major role in getting her record heard and bringing WildeWest into the tv/film world. 


   A placement of WildeWest’s song “Lie To Me” off of Stacy’s "Tear Down the Sky" record became a major promo for FOX’s hit television show LIE TO ME that ran for 6 months straight and garnered their first of three Hollywood Music And Media Awards. After performing at The Music Supervisor Retreat in Nashville, WildeWest met a major music super who was at a loss for the massive amount of hip hop cues she needed for an upcoming show, Run’s House - RUN DMC led to WildeWest scoring the entire series as well as subsequent shows for MTV like Life of Ryan, Daddy's Girls, Life In The Fab Lane, Candy's Girls. TV song placements in NCIS, Justified, Lie To Me, Charmed followed and WildeWest penned the award-winning trailer song "Change The World" for the Disney/ Dreamworks hit film "The Help”. 

   In 2008 Disney came calling with their new show "I'm In The Band” to create the theme and underscore leading WildeWest to make the move from NY to LA. leading to more shows like the hit Emmy Nominated Disney show “Dog With a Blog". WILDEWEST has composed and licensed their music to 100’s of ad campaigns. 


   Now living and working in Los Angeles, immersed in the tv and film world, it's history and community, WildeWest's roots in pop, rock, jazz and classical composition have taken them full circle from songwriter/record producers to scoring for all media. 



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